am not a drama queen-

but i hate those TWO people.
let’s just called them DREAM KILLER, shall we?

when YOU TWO not listening to me at all – HE is the only one who support me, or at least LISTEN to me.
so, if YOU TWO wants me to break up with HIM,
i know for sure what will i say right in front of your faces.

So, it’s all about money thingie, rite?
not about me.

you really make me disappointed after all.
yeah, especially the one who keep talking “you can talk about everthing to me”
talk everything?
when i talk A thing, all you say is you don’t wanna understand or know or maybe even LISTEN.

if you want to play this game, i’m in.
let’s play DEAF.
you’re not listening to me then so am i.


5 responses to “am not a drama queen-

  1. Wah, sabar dearrrr !!
    Nonton team medical dragon lagi ajaaa hehehehe

  2. keren rie.. sad but true.. im sorry buddy

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